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roadtrip_fullGearing up for a fun vacation?  Congratulations, you are one of the lucky ones who can actually take time away from your regular life and carve out an experience all your own.  As a regular traveler I know how important it is to stay feeling well while you travel so when you return you actually feel rested and healthy.  It can be extremely challenging to keep on a healthy track when you are in a new environment and temptations abound.  Here are some tips on how you can stay wellness focused on your trip.

  1. Pack your own snacks – This has saved me from mindless snacking numerous times.  Once you are out of the routine of home it is so easy to travel snackssuccumb to temptation, especially when you are hungry.  Before heading out make sure you have a nice stash of tummy friendly snacks to go with you.  My favorites to pack are – turkey jerky, apples, sunflower butter, dairy free chocolate bars, hummus and gluten free crackers.
  2. Pack a yoga mat, stretch bands and workout clothes – Make the decision easier once you get there by packing non-bulky items that will remind you to stay active while you travel.
  3. Choose to stay at places that encourage movement – There’s all kinds of things you can do on your vacation and the amount of energy burned during these activities varies.  Most hotels have gyms, but you can also inquire about local parks, walking trails and other outdoor options that are easily accessible. When choosing activities, also opt for activity based fun.  For example playing putt putt golf will burn more calories than sitting in a movie and munching on popcorn.  Bike tours, hiking, shopping – plan to stay in areas where everything is in walking distance.  With a little preparation you can ensure that adding movement into your day is an easier option.
  4. Utilize apps to find restaurants with healthier options – There are some great apps that can help you make healthier choices when you travel.  I personally use Yelp.  Search for the type of food you would like to enjoy instead of relying on what’s around you.  There are some really great vegetarian and ethnic restaurants off the beaten path that have helped me stay healthy on the road.
  5. Lighter cocktail choices – Not all cocktails are created equal.  I am all about enjoying some libation with friends at the end of the day.  Knowing in advance which ones are smarter choices helps you decide what drink to enjoy.  There are some great gluten free beers available now, as well as pear and apple hard ciders.  Avoid drinks with dairy and creams. And, opt for a single alcohol with sparkling water and fruit; such as vodka, club soda and lime wedges.  Skim calories from your wine by adding in sparkling water to make a spritzer.

It is possible to stay healthy while you travel.  Join me on Facebook and share how you stay healthy!

Author: Debra K

I believe we all have the right to enjoy incredible looking and tasting cuisine.

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