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Chef Spotlight – Kate Horning

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Meet Kate: Health Coach, Lifestyle Expert, Chef.

Kate Horning is an emerging thought leader in health and nutrition. She is an ambassador on the leading edge of a new generation that challenges established ideas, looking for better ways to achieve healthier, happier lives.

Kate’s journey began with a book report at age thirteen, to be allowed by her mother to become a vegetarian. That sparked a passion that has led to studying and living nutrition for over a decade. Through her personal experiments with the typical American diet, as a vegetarian, vegan, calorie counter, and raw foodie, she has discovered the secrets of developing a practical, sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

As a high school senior, Kate gave a keynote address on childhood obesity advising the state of Ohio’s Board of Education on local school wellness policy. She supports the fight against childhood obesity worldwide through health and nutrition education.KateHorning
Kate studied dietetics at the University of Kentucky, and is a certified holistic health coach and chef.

Book Info:
A simple guide to escaping diets, eating for pleasure and discovering what you desire, Healthy Living Redefined: Live It. Share It. is the result of over a decade of exploration and experimentation in health and nutrition with one goal in mind – to create a simple, practical, approach to living a healthy lifestyle.We all know what to do, so why is it so hard to live healthy? Too much noise, too much information, and none of it makes sense. One day you should be doing this, the next day you should be doing that.Kate Horning delivers a refreshingly practical guide, simplifying healthy living. Her passion brings insight into the confusing and often conflicting world of health, nutrition and dieting. She shows you how to change your perspective and look at things differently while guiding you through the steps to create your own healthy lifestyle:
– The formula for weight loss
– The six habits of healthy living
– The two things you can do to make your healthy lifestyle a success
– How to ask the right questions to create a healthy lifestyle that matches your desires
– How to create a practical, sustainable healthy lifestyle for yourself
– Includes a 28 Day Road Map for daily self reflection on creating your own healthy lifestyle

Can be preordered on

Visit Chef Kate’s Website

Chef Kate’s Book Website

Chef Kate’s Recipes coming this month:

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