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DebraKeatingDebra K – Host, Journey Into Wellbeing

“I’m at that point in life, where I recognize what I’ve been doing isn’t good enough any more.  I want to pave a healthy path into mid-life to ensure I have a vital future.  So, I’m off to visit our 50 states to uncover the unique and amazing ways in which each one embraces healthy lifestyle.  I plan to find the secrets to living a high energy, vibrant life and share what I discover with the World.  As I follow my passion, get healthier and reclaim my energy, I hope to inspire others to do the same”

After leaving the corporate world, she launched several companies in the wellness industry;

Well World Productions:  A branding, PR and production firm that brings inspirational stories to life and shares them with the world. 

Well World Group:  A wellness consulting firm that helps you disseminate through the clutter, achieve clarity in direction, assess your operations and create engaged teams. 

imassage, Inc:  A massage education and consulting firm with a goal to assist in the development of a professional, healthy practitioner that exceeds client expectations. 

Never resting for long, now she is tackling her personal health challenges head-on, with a multimedia adventure that takes her across the globe in search of health secrets that can turn her, an average girl next door, into something a touch more spectacular. As host of the Journey into Wellbeing, Debra will stretch, juice, and zumba her way to better health – and inspire the rest of us to cultivate more vibrant, energetic lives along the way.

Debra’s enthusiasm for health is contagious: over the years, she has become a popular speaker within the wellness industry and has been published in major publications like Huffington Post, Woman’s Day, Newsweek, American Spa, Massage Magazine and others. She’s a featured expert for and MindBodyGreen 

If energy is today’s currency, most of us have overdrawn our health accounts. But with the head of a businesswoman, heart of a leader, and the guts to try anything, Debra’s determined to replenish the reserves and bring us back into balance.

More About Debra K

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