Recipe Redo Blog

Traditional Recipes Redone…Healthier

Chef Spotlight

Thanks to these talented chefs, we are able to bring you the most healthful take on some of your favorite recipes and take a look at new inventive ways to eat healthy by combining the freshest ingredients in new ways.

“Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.”  – Hippocrates

Jen Welper – Executive Wellness Chef at Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program

Raju Bhujel – Executive Chef at Shankara Ayruveda Spa

Josh Tomson –Executive Chef of The Lodge at Woodloch

Hicham Elmadi – Executive Chef of Hilton Head Health

Kate Horning

Chunkie Dunkies

Table 26°

Zuccarelli’s Italian Kitchen 

Stéphane Beaucamp – Executive Chef of Lake Austin Spa Resort

Christine Denney – Executive Chef of The Oaks at Ojai

Bobby Benjamin – Executive Chef of La Coop: Bistro à Vins

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