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Journey Into Wellbeing

Journey into Wellbeing® is a reality-based TV series following host and founder Debra K, a Natural Health Explorer as she travels and has her ho-hum health habits hijacked by personal trainers, life coaches, health conscious chefs, yoga instructors, and holistic healers.  The pilot episode was shot in Kentucky and currently airs on KET, Kentucky’s only statewide media source, reaching 4 million viewers across the Commonwealth and in parts of the seven surrounding states.  WATCH THE PILOT

She knows there are regular people doing amazing things and plans to showcase these characters in articles, blogs and video.  Followers will see things they have taken for granted in a new and healthy light and be encouraged to courageously begin their own Journey into Wellbeing.

Meet the Team:

Debra K – Chief Strategist, trailblazer and health explorer

“I’m at that point in life, where I recognize what I’ve been doing isn’t good enough any more.  I want to pave a healthy path into mid-life to ensure I have a vital future.  So, I’m off to visit our 50 states to uncover the unique and amazing ways in which each one embraces healthy lifestyle.  I plan to find the secrets to living a high energy, vibrant life and share what I discover with the World.  As I follow my passion, get healthier and reclaim my energy, I hope to inspire others to do the same”

After leaving the corporate world, she launched several companies in the wellness industry;

Well World Productions:  A branding, PR and production firm that brings inspirational stories to life and shares them with the world. 

Well World Group:  A wellness consulting firm that helps you disseminate through the clutter, achieve clarity in direction, assess your operations and create engaged teams. 

imassage, Inc:  A massage education and consulting firm with a goal to assist in the development of a professional, healthy practitioner that exceeds client expectations. 

Never resting for long, now she is tackling her personal health challenges head-on, with a multimedia adventure that takes her across the globe in search of health secrets that can turn her, an average girl next door, into something a touch more spectacular. As host of the Journey into Wellbeing, Debra will stretch, juice, and zumba her way to better health – and inspire the rest of us to cultivate more vibrant, energetic lives along the way.

Debra’s enthusiasm for health is contagious: over the years, she has become a popular speaker within the wellness industry and has been published in major publications like Huffington Post, Woman’s Day, Newsweek, American Spa, Massage Magazine and others. She’s a featured expert for and MindBodyGreen 

If energy is today’s currency, most of us have overdrawn our health accounts. But with the head of a businesswoman, heart of a leader, and the guts to try anything, Debra’s determined to replenish the reserves and bring us back into balance.

Debra Locker

Debra Locker

Debra Locker is a consummate communications professional. For two decades, she has successfully held positions in public relations and journalism that have included securing key placements in major media outlets, executing large-scale media events, speech writing, video production, as well as on-air and voice-over work. With a focus on creatively telling stories that need to be told, Debra leads placements in notable media outlets including The “TODAY” Show, The New York Times, USA Today, MSNBC, FOX, Good Housekeeping, Natural Health, and Reuters.

Debra speaks on public relations, is a published expert on communications, a columnist for STORY Magazine, and produced two shows that are currently airing on PBS – The Journey into Wellbeing and backSTORY. Her experience also includes corporate public relations and management, as well as leading events and media tours in New York and Los Angeles. Debra’s production experience comes from working as an Emmy-nominated television reporter and producer in Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina.

Jason Parmer, Director of Photography

Jason Parmer, Director of Photography

Creative Director, Jason Parmer, has been producing award-winning multimedia productions for more than a decade. With a degree in Media Communication from Asbury University’s cutting-edge program, Jason has been offering top-line production since. Jason’s career is as varied as his clientele, having worked on the broadcast of two International Olympic Games to the feature film Seabiscuit, from small non-profits to Fortune 500s.

Jason believes his clientele best tells his story, “I believe in deep partnerships with organizations that make a difference. This has led us to work with many clients in the health and wellness industries, education and nonprofit sectors. We believe our mission is to help our clients spread their word to do more good in our world.”


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