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20 Smart Food Substitutes for Sensitive Stomachs

Swaps (1)With my recent diagnosis of food sensitivities, I have become an expert at finding less troublesome substitutes for some of my favorite things.  My boyfriend, Eric and I decided to do a food detox and eliminate all the foods I was testing sensitive to.  Not wanting to feel deprived we found some great recipes and by the end of the four weeks we were swapping less allergenic ingredients like pros….and felt better than we had in decades.  No kidding!

For us we decided to eliminate gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, corn, alcohol, coffee and egg.  We minimized grains and beans for good measure.  For a true detox, you have to read every single label because these problem foods are in almost everything and they appear in different forms such as food starches, oils, fillers and flavorings.  It is best to completely avoid most processed and prepared foods and condiments to ensure you are not keeping inflammation going by having small daily reactions to fillers.

One of the things that made this process easier was the finding of great substitutes.  In lieu of one thing we would use something else.  To help you with your detox journey, here is my compilation of some of the swaps we were able to make.  If you have great swap ideas be sure and send my way.

For the full list visit the full article HERE.